(Preorder) G-Fans 1:64 Scale Illuminated Diorama Model - McDonalds

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ETA July - August 2023

(Preorder) G-Fans 1:64 Scale Illuminated Diorama Model - Porsche Dealership


- Indoors and all signboards are built in LED light
- The door can be opened and closed by pushing and pulling
- The road can be freely spliced and placed as you like
- The building can be separated from the parking lot and road
Three-dimensional indoor cash register, tables and chairs, outdoor signboards
- Can be joined with former series to form a city
6 standard parking spaces in the parking lot + 2 exhibition spaces
- The LED light is powered by the USB interface, with a power switch

- Product size: length 285mm width 300mm height 118mm
- Building size: length 240mm width 79mm height 118mm
- Parking lot size: length 245mm width 165mm
- Packing size: length 295mm width 310mm height 20mm

Note: Cars and Figures in the pictures are not included. 

Additional Note: Please review our preorder disclosure and refund policy before purchasing. 

The release date is an ETA provided by the brand.  Unrivaled USA is not responsible for any delay in delivery due to delayed production.