G-Fans Illuminated Diorama Model - Lawson

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G-Fans Illuminated Diorama Model - Lawson


- Indoors and all signboards are built in LED light
- Comes with shelves, cash register and vending machine
- The road can be freely spliced and placed as you like
- Posters in the poster light box can be replaced freely
- The building can be separated from the parking lot and road
- 12 standard parking spaces in the parking lot
- Can be joined with former series to form a city
- The LED light is powered by the USB interface, with a power switch

*Product size: length 285mm width 300mm height 65mm
*Building size: length 240mm width 79mm height 65mm
*Parking lot size: 245mm long and 200mm wide
*Packing size: length 295mm width 310mm height 20mm
*Product material: PVC, acrylic

Note: Cars and dolls in the pictures are not included.