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About Unrivaled USA

The first Hot Wheel I found a deep appreciation for was the 2003 First Editions Tooned HKS Toyota Altezza. And yes, I still have it carded.

I'm positive that we all go through stages, a form of self-identification as a collector. In my earlier stages, I dabbled with everything from chrome based American muscle to luxury exotics but I always found myself right back where I started with Japanese makes & models.

In high school, I'd carry around the latest JDM casting custom fitted with a body kit and spoiler made out of pieces cut from an index card. We'd pocket check one another and show off our latest customs.

Then we grew up, got our driver's licenses, and grew out of it but we'd always find ourselves looking in the Hot Wheel aisle when we had to stop by the store. Only to find a pile stacking up again. Or better yet, modifying our cars and getting prepped for car shows.

My appreciation for cars doesn't stop with diecast and it's always fascinating to see how the JDM import scene continues to evolve. I've moved on to collecting and displaying premium 1:64 diecast, stay tuned as we bring you the best from all over the world.

I started Unrivaled USA for my sons and for all the kids around the world who appreciate the culture. Check back from time-to-time to see what we add to the lineup, 1:64 and 1:1!