Dream Customs Japan CP Diorama Coaster Set (Ver. 2)

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Dream Customs Japan CP Diorama Coaster Set (Ver. 2)

We hear you guys, our first Japan CP Diorama Coaster design was well-received, thus we are bringing you ver. 2. 1 piece with Handicap parking lot, 1 piece with Pedestrian Walkway and 3 of the original Japan CP Diorama Coaster. Specially made with high-quality silicone, our diorama coaster is made for daily household use and also to display your favourite 1/64 diecast! Each piece is designed to hold 2 cars, you can also join these coasters together to form a longer carpark!

Dimension: 90 x 90mm

Thickness: 3mm

Quantity: 1 piece (handicap lot), 1 piece (pedestrian walkway), 3 pieces (carpark)

Parking Lots: 1 – 2 per piece

Note: Cars not included with the purchase of a mat/coaster, they are for reference only.