Dream Customs ハコHako2.0

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Dream Customs ハコHako2.0

ハコ Hako (1/64)

Introducing ハコHako2.0, a specially designed Diorama Acrylic Lightbox with specially designed with motion-blurred tunnels or parking lots as background. Whether for photography or for storage, the ハコHako2.0 ensures that your 1/64 diecast is in a beautiful form all the time!

Collectors can now take their diecast cars in a “moving” tunnel without doing any photo edit easily! ハコHako2.0 also comes with a magnetic door to keep dust away from your precious collection.

It is also designed with a special accessory at the edge of the product to enable stacking, so if you are interested in more than 1 design, you can stack them up for better storage!


– Diecast cars and figurines in photos are not included.

– ハコ Hako2.0 requires DIY to piece it together into a lightbox.

    • Inner Dimensions: L 33cm x W 15cm x H 9cm
    • Outer Dimensions: L 33.5cm x W 16cm x H 9.5cm
    • LED Light Colours: 3 (Warm, Cool, Natural)
    • LED Light Brightness: 10 levels (USB powered)

The release date is an ETA provided by the brand.  Unrivaled USA is not responsible for any delay in delivery due to delayed production.