Dream Customs ECP E2 Carpark XL Desktop Diorama

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Dream Customs ECP E2 Carpark XL Desktop Diorama

A go-to spot for families whenever they visit the largest coastal park in Singapore. With a famous food village that houses many popular Singapore hawker dishes, this huge carpark is always full every weekend during meal times. The iconic motorcycle lots are located right in front of the food village, bringing convenience to food delivery riders to get food and move off quickly. Each parking lot is laid with a unique tile with soil and grass underneath so that rainwater is absorbed properly to prevent ponding around the parking area.

Preorder period: May 27 – June 10

  • Dimension: 900 x 400mm
  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Parking Lots: 47 car lots + 14 motorcycle lots
  • Product characteristics:
    • High density stitched edge
    • Top grade anti-slip rubber base
    • Synthetic fabric surface
    • Sharp printing quality

Note: Diecast cars and figures in photos are not included.

Additional Note: Please review our preorder disclosure and refund policy before purchasing. 

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