Dream Customs Henshin Hako 変身ハコ

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ETA January 2022; Arrived 2/6/2022

Dream Customs Henshin Hako 変身ハコ

Another product to collectors, by collectors.

The Henshin Hako 変身ハコ is designed to light up your Desktop Diorama display and make it even more pleasing to your eyes.
The word “Henshin” in Japanese means transform, the scenery in the Hako (box) transforms when you place a different Desktop Diorama mat inside.
Set up your diecasts in our latest product and it is ready for a photography session.
You can even place the Henshin Hako on your bedside table and it serves as a night light. 


  • Inner dimensions: 36*26*15cm
  • Outer dimensions: 37*27*15.5cm
  • LED Light Colours: 3 (Warm, Cool, Natural)
  • LED Light Brightness: 10 levels (USB powered)
  • Available in set or standalone.
  • For set: Choice of mat design can be seen in the last image.


  • Diecast cars and figurines in photos are not included.
  • Henshin Hako 変身ハコ requires DIY to piece it together into a lightbox.
  • This is a pre-order product, shipping duration is counted on the day product is sent out.