Dream Customs Liberty Walk Hako2.0

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Dream Customs Liberty Walk Hako2.0

The LBWK Hako2.0 is the first-ever collaboration product between Dream Customs and  Liberty Walk LB Performance.

A showroom design with wooden vinyl flooring as the base and a brick wall as a background, each with an iconic logo of Liberty Walk.

A parking area outside a garage with tarmac as the base, a huge LBWK on the wall, and a garage door as the background.


  • Inner Dimensions: L 33cm x W 15cm x H 9cm
  • Outer Dimensions: L 33.5cm x W 16cm x H 9.5cm
  • LED Light Colours: 3 (Warm, Cool, Natural)
  • LED Light Brightness: 10 levels (USB Powered), 3 levels (Wireless + Remote)

– Diecast cars and figurines in photos are not included.
– LBWK Hako2.0 requires DIY to piece it together into a lightbox.
– Wireless light colour and brightness are only available by using the remote control.
– Only ONE remote control is needed, connect up to 99 lights.

Additional Note: Please review our preorder disclosure and refund policy before purchasing. 

The release date is an ETA provided by the brand.  Unrivaled USA is not responsible for any delay in delivery due to delayed production.